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16 June, 2013 – Quick Update

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Hi Folks,

My absence for the last more-or-less three months has primarily been caused by things medical.  Ultimately, it appears that everything is being resolved.  However, the bottom line is that a lot of my time has been spent tending to my ill wife, or having my wife tend to me, at our physician’s office, or back and forth from said offices.  So, my time for blog writing/posting as opposed to chores and other necessities has fizzled to almost nothing.

I hope to be back in action with posts here within a week or so, and also posting more frequently in my blog on the Reef2Rainforest site.

I just went through and deleted a bunch of spambot registrations, if I deleted your subscription by mistake, I apologise.

Until later,  for some eye candy,  here is a bit of our local dinosaurian fauna.  It appears that we may have as many as 6 pairs of these little beauties nesting around here now.

Western Tanager Male

Western Tanager Male
Wilsall, Montana

Western Tanager Male

Western Tanager Male Perched On A Bird Feeder Post. Taken At Wilsall, Montana.



And So It Goes…

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

Hi Folks,

The New Year has rolled on in, and right over me, starting about a month ago.  The saga is thus:  I decided in my infinite wisdom to purchase and download Windows 8 on my old desktop.  To this end I had to increase its RAM, and flip a few switches in the BIOS.  This I did.  And I was off and waddling.  I downloaded the program, which took about 6 hours.  When the download was about 90% complete, the program said it needed to restart the computer a couple of times.  And yup, it did this.

And died.

A rather cryptic error message was displayed on the screen and I could get the machine to do zilch.  It wouldn’t even boot up so that I could get into the Windows Safe mode.   After a lot of machinations, I finally resorted to breaking out my credit card, and calling the Windows “Pay Through The Nose Help Line”.  Long conversation- short…  Windows 8 was not able to install on my machine because of some hardware (= CPU) problem, and because there was no Win 8 problem, they wouldn’t charge me – through the nose or any other handy orifice.

After beating my head against the nearest wall for a while, I went on to desperate step number two, and took my computer to my local handy-dandy computer tech.  He allowed as he thought he could fix it for me.  To fix it needed a replacement DVD/CD drive as both of the ones on my machine were toast.  I knew one of them was dead before this all started, but the remaining one died during the process.  The only way to fix the problem was to re-install the OS, which, of course loses all the data on the hard drive.

Okay, said I, feeling reasonably intelligent for the first time in this process.  This flash of misplaced hubris was due to the fact that I had been backing up my hard drive weekly; my data were all safe and secure on an external hard drive.

So…  With some optimism, just before New Year’s Eve, I collected my computer from the tech and took the olde beastie home.  It turns out that my machine was one of the earlier Dell Dimension 8300s; consequently, it has an early Pentium 4 processor.  And it turns out that over the production run of Pentium 4s, according to the computer guy, the chip was changed so that chips made near the end of the production run could do several more computational functions than those made at the beginning.  And, if I had had one of the later Pentium 4s, Windows 8 would have loaded without a hassle.

For joy…

So…   Now, I have my desktop running bare bones, and I decide to restore my backed up files.  Un…huh. All of my restored files were on an external hard drive, and I thought I had copied my backup program there too.  Well, the saga continues – the backup program is nowhere to be found.  Not a problem says he, thinking to download a copy from the www.  And then I find that while I had version 2, we are now up to version 9, and a new copy costs the proverbial arm and leg.  I was able to download several versions that should have allowed me to restore my backed up files, but no joy.  No matter what I did, nothing would get backed up.

I contacted the tech support of the company now selling the software program (the third since I got my original copy as a freebie with a Western Digital hard drive I purchased about 10 years ago).  The rep wrote back and said that none of the versions I was able to get online would work to restore my files – uh, pardon me, but isn’t that what I said?  However, he went on to give me directions to download a trial version of the latest backup software, which, he said, would restore my hitherto unrestorable files.

So… here I sit.  The trial version is some 350 Mb in size, and is downloading as I am typing this.  And maybe I am nearer to some resolution than I was yesterday.  Maybe…

As Scarlett said, “Tomorrow is another day.”  And I guess we’ll see then.

I hope your New Year Initiation was less stressful than mine.

This site is still in the throes of construction, so expect some changes over the next couple of days/weeks.

Cheers, Ron