16 June, 2013 – Quick Update

Hi Folks,

My absence for the last more-or-less three months has primarily been caused by things medical.  Ultimately, it appears that everything is being resolved.  However, the bottom line is that a lot of my time has been spent tending to my ill wife, or having my wife tend to me, at our physician’s office, or back and forth from said offices.  So, my time for blog writing/posting as opposed to chores and other necessities has fizzled to almost nothing.

I hope to be back in action with posts here within a week or so, and also posting more frequently in my blog on the Reef2Rainforest site.

I just went through and deleted a bunch of spambot registrations, if I deleted your subscription by mistake, I apologise.

Until later,  for some eye candy,  here is a bit of our local dinosaurian fauna.  It appears that we may have as many as 6 pairs of these little beauties nesting around here now.

Western Tanager Male

Western Tanager Male
Wilsall, Montana

Western Tanager Male

Western Tanager Male Perched On A Bird Feeder Post. Taken At Wilsall, Montana.




4 Responses to “16 June, 2013 – Quick Update”

  1. Alex Hirsekorn says:

    Hi Ron,
    Sorry to hear about the medical difficulties. Best wishes for continued and speedy recoveries for both of you!

    I sometimes say to my wife: “It’s hell to get old.”
    To which she replies: “It beats the alternative.”

    I’d forgotten about Reef2Rainforest and have spent some time over the past couple days catching up on your posts there – thanks for the reminder – as always the material is very interesting and informative.

    Healthily yours,

    • Ron says:

      Hi Alex,

      As always, it is see a comment by you!!

      Thanks for the good words about things medical. It appears we are over the respective “humps” and that my wife’s problems, mostly caused – it appears so far, anyway – with an unexpected synergism between two medications. The tests, though, were time consuming and she really was not at her best when this all got started. In my case, the problems are going to be chronic it appears. I have yet to go in for a necessary MRI, and that is necessary to assess the state of the problem. So… time passes. Somewhat slowly.

      There are times when considering various options, that the comment by your wife seens accurate. Howsoever, there actually ARE times when the “alternative” seems like it could definitely be a desireable and realistic option.

      These problems have interferred with my activites on the R2R forum as well. I hope to be posting in here and there soon.

      Cheers, Ron

  2. borjam says:

    Great to hear from you again 🙂

    I’m glad everything seems to be better now.

    By the way, I’ve seen on the Coral list the announcement of a really nice documentary series. The latest chapter is devoted to certain invertebrates, I think you will like their footage 🙂

    The program is called UnderH2O


    • Ron says:

      Hi Borja,

      Thanks for the alert to the documentary. I will look for it on the channels we get on our satellite TV.

      Cheers, Ron