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Monday, December 31st, 2012


Well, the times they are a’changin’

My time as a moderator on the Marine Depot forums is over.  This was not unexpected, the traffic on my forum had slowly become pretty cold, just slightly above absolute zero.  The folks at MD were good enough to support my little forum for 7 years, and even though I wasn’t paid a lot, when the full length of time is factored in, the total they spent was a not-inconsiderable amount, and I really thank them for their support, they are a fine bunch of folks.

But… it is time to move on.  And I am moving on to here.  In a day or two, I hope to start daily posting.  These posts will be separate from any larger articles I may write for the site.  The larger articles of various sorts that I have written, and will write, are filed under one of the “Categories” headings at the top of the column to the right.  To get to those articles, it is probably easiest to click on the category, and then scroll down to find the article.  The short daily posts will be filed under the “Off the Wall” category.  At least that is where things stand right now.  Nothing on this site is written in stone, or even sand, though,…  I expect to make a lot of changes over the upcoming weeks as things shake down here.

Comments on any of these are welcome and I will reply to them  as necessary.  However, remember, all comments to the site will be moderated, I have sort of grown old(-er)  as the internet morphed into the www, and usergroups developed into forum constituencies.  The anonymous nature of all of these forms of interaction seems to free people from the standard social graces of politeness and restraint.  Additionally, some people are just seem to simply like emulating the north end of a south-bound horse.  In any case,  to be posted, comments will require the poster to have  a recognizable (by me) name, not a nickname or some cutesy web name, and the comments will have stay within my bounds of civility.

I also hope to set the site up to answer questions about reef – or other – stuff.   Posting the questions will be free.  Answers will cost the person wanting those answers.  I haven’t yet decided on how much, but it will probably be a flat PayPal fee of a few dollars per question; as the immortal Janis Joplin once put it, “Ain’t nothin’ honey chil’, it ain free”.  Answers to reefish questions included…

That’s all for now.

More soon!!